Mark and Joe have worked for me on numerous projects, including my back yard
deck in which they gave me great design ideas, as well as building a fantastic deck
with benches, a gazebo and a custom hump-back bridge to walk over my fish pond.  
If they tell you they can do your project, whatever it may be, you will be totally
satisfied of a quality job, done right the first time.  I will continue to use these guys
and highly recommend them to anyone who wants courteous and professional work
performed on their premises.

Andy Gessells
Owner, Andy’s Taylor Rental & St. Augustine Power House
St. Augustine, FL
Mark:  904-669-8218
Joe:    386-793-4340
 Duffy’s Carpentry, Inc. is a full service carpentry and wood-working enterprise.  At the outset of the project,
they listened to my needs and requirements.  Additionally, they were constantly consulting both my wife and I
during the various installations to make sure there were no misunderstandings.

 For me, they performed both interior and exterior work.  On the exterior, they took off an old TV antenna and
replaced useless gutters with more practical ones.  Interior-wise, they crafted and hung doors and crown-
molding, which turned the rooms into European looking salons.

Additionally, their custom cabinets were especially artistic, in both design and in the material used.

I cannot recommend their services enough.

David Slagle
St. Augustine